Reductive and Oxidative Flame Treatment Capabilities

Reductive and Oxidative Flame Treatment Capabilities

Innovation! Development! Each is a cornerstone to the philosophy that FTS Technologies has in the field of flame treatment. Flame treatment equipment has for years been limited to two types of measurement; Mass flow metering, and analysis via Oxygen Analyzers.  FTS has never believed that mass flow is a reliable and constant means of measuring a process that heavily relies on flame chemistry to deliver surface treatment results; instead FTS has built its products on the backbone of the analytical capabilities of oxygen analyzers and ensuring that the oxidative flames produced (excess oxygen in the combustion reaction) are controlled and consistent whatever the application.

However stagnant innovation in the field of oxygen analyzers, and the evolution of surface treatments whereby some applications benefit from reductive flames (excess fuel gas mixtures) has necessitated the need for FTS to develop better technology in this area. Today, FTS Technologies manufacture our own ‘Gas Analyzers’. This new ‘Gas Analyzer’ is an industry game changer! Free from the limiting capabilities of ‘Oxygen Analyzers’, we are now capable of measuring both oxidative (excess oxygen) and reductive (excess fuel gas) air/gas mixtures within the same device. This has never been seen before and is now a part of every single flame treatment unit manufactured by FTS Technologies.

The integrated Gas Analyzer provides full spectrum capabilities, seamlessly measuring oxidative and reductive air/gas mixtures. Simply adjust the air/gas ratio and watch the analyzer provide measurable and meaningful data as to the effect of those changes from a positive integer (oxidative mixture) to a negative integer (fuel gas rich). Program your desired set point, and the flame treatment unit will automatically control to your desired levels.

Analyzer Gas Rich

Reductive/Gas Rich Flame

Analyzer Air Rich

Oxidative/Air Rich Flame


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