FTS Technologies is built on the foundation of 50 years’ experience in the world of surface treatments. That knowledge and experience has enabled FTS Technologies to develop innovative processes like ATmaP® (Accelerated Thermo-molecular adhesion Process), state-of the art gas analyzer technology, and revolutionary surface treatment burners, all with the goal of advancing the capabilities of surface treatments and expanding its range of applications.


The ATmaP® Surface Treatment Process was a three year development project that translated into a commercially viable process in the first quarter of 2003. Its development also resulted in the development of highly innovative flame surface treatment burners;  Called Cirqual Burners these burners have revolutionized the capabilities of conventional flame treatment and flame deflashing technology and pushed the boundaries of those industries into an exciting new era.


In 2015, after a two year development process, FTS Technologies launched their own gas analyzer technology that provides both reductive (gas rich) and oxidative (air rich) process control measurements in a single device. This new technology advances the capabilities of flame treatment process control, allows for new innovative processes to be developed, and is unmatched by anything else in the industry today.


Headquartered in Michigan, FTS Technologies offers customers the unique opportunity to undertake process development using our in-house robotic laboratory and testing equipment. These in-house facilities provide the cornerstone to all R&D and customer development activities that is unmatched by the competition.


FTS Technologies, and its partner companies in Asia and Europe, strongly believe in continuous R&D, maintaining the highest level of ethical standards, and providing unmatched after-sales service and support. It is these guiding principles that will ensure FTS Technologies remains the global leader in surface treatments for many years to come.


2014 Environmental Leadership Award: Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
2012 General Motors Environmental Sustainability Award
2006 United States Environmental Protection Agency “Clean Air Excellence” Award
2005 DaimlerChrysler Environmental Leadership Award