FTS Technologies Flexible Maintenance Plans


FTS Technologies offers options for scheduled maintenance by an FTS Technologies Certified Engineer ensuring that all equipment meets optimum and efficient functionality, satisfies all internal audit and compliance requirements, and lessens costly downtime during production hours.

Consultation with FTS Technologies service personnel can determine the correct level of service that best suits your needs, factoring in the age of your equipment and your production demands. Customizing the frequency of service over a 12-month period, and the specific needs of your facility and production will help ensure process optimization and maximize efficiency.

FTS Technologies offers two maintenance options; a Standard Service Option and a Standard Service Plus Analyzer Option.


Standard Service:

A complete and full service of the flame treatment unit including gas trim calibrations, leaking testing, safety testing, etc.


Standard Service Plus Analyzer:

All of the items in the Standard Service plus the provision for analyzer calibration, analyzer service, and replacement of critical analyzer parts.


Full details on the items addressed with each service option are available for review. Customers may request additional service items that are specific to their facilities, and these items can be addressed if necessary


Frequency of Scheduled Service:

We recommend discussing with your FTS Technologies Service Advisor the frequency and service options required depending on the age of your system(s) and level of use of those system(s).


Your FTS Technologies Service Advisor will provide a fixed price quotation for a 12-month service period based on your specific requirements. This price will include all travel and expenses. No further costs to be added except for any additional parts required outside of this agreement.



The timing of the service visit will be agreed upon by both parties at least one month ahead of required date. A detailed breakdown of the functions to be completed by the FTS Technologies Certified Engineer during the maintenance service can be provided.


Completion and Documentation:

During each scheduled visit the following documentation will be provided with a complete and signed Service Report with the condition of key components and any further recommendations.


Please contact FTS Technologies for further information on how Pre-Planned, Proactive Preventative Maintenance can be applied to your facility.