ATmaP™ is an innovative and patented one step surface treatment process for a range of materials (e.g., Plastics, Glass, and Metals) prior to painting or bonding without the need to use Adhesion Promoting Primers. ATmaP™ is an acronym for; Accelerated Thermo-molecular adhesion Process.


ATmaP™ is the process of grafting a nitrogen-based coupling agent to the surface of a material being treated via atomization and vaporization through the center of a Cirqual® gas burner. When the Cirqual® flame (with the atomized and vaporized coupling agent) contacts a component being treated, it chemically bonds oxides of Nitrogen into its surface. ATmaP™ is an environmentally friendly process, with no discharge of VOCs or HAPs.


Current technologies, such as adhesion promoters and other aggressive primers are unable to match the levels of adhesion achieved by ATmaP™. ATmaP™ exceeds current OEM requirements for industry standard adhesion tests such as; Stone-chip Resistance, Gasoline Soak, Mandrel Bend, Water Jet, Thermal Shock, Humidity, Chemical Resistance, Lap Shear, and Cross Hatch etc.


The ATmaP™ Process Offers The Following Benefits:

      • Increased Adhesion without the use of Adhesion Promoters
      • Cost Reductions
      • Substantial reductions in energy consumed in production process
      • Faster processing times
      • Allows for material substitution (recyclable and lower cost materials)
      • Reduced maintenance costs
      • No required abatement
      • Reduced floor space required verses current manufacturing processes
      • Reduced use of solvents for surface treatments
      • Improved first time quality via the Elimination of Adhesion Promoter ‘Dirt’
      • Reduced warranty claims through Increased Adhesion
      • Environmental improvements (Elimination of Significant Amounts of Emissions) Resulting in a Reduction in Total Manufacturing Costs Verses Current Adhesion Promoting Technologies