Flame Treatment

Today’s manufacturing industries demand a greater use of plastic materials due to their increased processability, durability, cost effectiveness, and overall engineered performance. However, their use in painting or bonding applications is challenging due to incompatibility with coatings, necessitating the need to use aggressive and environmentally damaging priming additives.


Flame Treatment Technology provides users the ability to pre-treat the surface of a material, improve compatibility with coatings, and promote properties of adhesion without any costly or environmentally negative consequences. FTS Technologies’ flame treatment equipment offer users a technology that reduces overall manufacturing costs, increases competitiveness, improves product quality, and reduces environmental impact.


Flame Treating Systems manufactured by FTS Technologies contain state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems, ensuring that air/gas combustion mixtures (oxidative or reductive flame conditions), process integrity, and safety are always maintained. Critical process conditions are tightly controlled to predetermined levels, monitored for change, and automatically adjusted to ensure the quality of the surface treatment is never compromised.


Industry leading knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and quality products. FTS Technologies continually invests in research and innovation ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of process knowledge to successfully implement the technology for any desired application.